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The Association of Organic Agriculture of Vietnam was established in 2011 according to the decision 1820/QD-BNV of the Ministry of the Interior is a common house for the organic community of Vietnam, Gather the members as individuals, units, scientists, enterprises, cooperatives… Association of Organic Agriculture is the whole country Association for the Development of organic agriculture, VOAA is a common roof for the Vietnamese organic farming community promoting organic agriculture, sustainable development, advanced, modern and integration with the following four principles:

Mission and value 

“To lead, Unite and support the Vietnamese organic movement in diversity”

We operate by true equity and appreciate the full, diverse participation of stakeholders in the organic movement.

We operate practical, professional and always open up the creative approaches to solve the challenges and bring opportunities to the parties.

The association is a member of:

IFOAM International (2013)

IFOAM Asia (2016)

ALGOA của IFOAM Asia (2016)

Asean Organic Federation (2017)