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  • cao-dac-ladophar-500g

    Ladophar Artichoke Condensed Extract

    Ladophar Artichoke Condensed Extract is a puree extract of Artichoke leaves with advanced vacuum technology and is processed in 24h to…

  • giai-doc-gan-tue-linh

    Tue Linh Solanum procumbens

    Tue Linh Solanum procumbens tablet is a combination of two precious medicinal plants: solanum procumbens and jiaogulan, with proven efficacy in treating viral…

  • giai-doc-gan-tue-linh

    Tue Linh Liver Detox

      Tue Linh Liver Detox, made from solanum procumbens and tongkat ali, is born out of Tue Linh’s hope to offer an effective…

  • diephachauherbeco

    HerbEco Phyllanthus amarus tea

    HerbEco Phyllanthus amarus tea, 100% made from GACP-WHO certified phyllanthus amarus, reduces liver enzymes, and detoxifies the liver.  

  • herbaga-ladophar

    LADOPHAR Herbaga – Box of 12 Herbaga bottles

    Herbaga is a product of the combination of Artichoke and other precious herbs such as Phyllanthus amarus, Lingzhi, Codonopsis javanica and…

  • tra-linh-chi-ladophar-e1521434252770

    Lado Lingzhi Tea – Box of 20 Lingzhi tea bags

    With natural sweetness from Stevia Rebaudiana, Lingzhi Tea can be used for people with diabetes mellitus Benefits: Support bile secretagogue, diuresis,…

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