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    Lado Lingzhi Tea – Box of 20 Lingzhi tea bags

    With natural sweetness from Stevia Rebaudiana, Lingzhi Tea can be used for people with diabetes mellitus Benefits: Support bile secretagogue, diuresis,…

  • trathanhnhiet_lado

    LADOPHAR Refreshing Tea

    Benefits: Support refreshing, laxation and heat relieving Use for: Used for adults Usage: Use 1 pack/ time x 2 times a…

  • kim-tien-thao-opc

    OPC Kim Tien Thao

    Kim Tien Thao OPC is made from herba desmodii – a plant which is extremely effective in treating urinary stones, kidney stones. Studies have shown…

  • good

    DK-Betics Diabetic Pill

    DK-Betics Diabetic Pill helps prevent hypoglycemia and complications in diabetics

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    DK-Betics Diabete Tea

    DK-Betics is a kind of “medicinal tea” researched and produced by the scientists of Hanoi University of Pharmacy from Gymnema Sylvestre…

  • diabetna-tpcn

    Diabetes Pill – Diabetna

    Diabetes Pill – Diabetna is officially transferred from a ministerial research project, 100% derived from standardized Gymnema Sylvestre

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