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Bảo Xuân Gold

Bảo Xuân Gold

Bao Xuan gold, for women above 30 years old, women who just give birth, is made from soybean seed essence, collagen from deep-sea fishes, natural vitamin E, ginseng, aloe vera, ligusticum striatum, rehmannia glutinosa roots, angelica sinensis, radix paeoniae albae. Bao Xuan gold alleviates syndromes caused by shortage or disorder of female hormones: hot flashes, insomnia, sweating, declined memory, dry and frizzled hair, irregular menstrual circle, low fertility. It slows down aging, wrinkles; improves skin elasticity, skin pigmentation, freckles; and brighten up complexion. It delays menopause and lengthens your youth.


• Soybean seed essence (Herbal Estrogen): 250mg
• Collagen from deep-sea fishes: 50mg
• Natural vitamin E (not under 9.6 IU): 12IU
• Ligusticum striatum: 50mg
• Rehmannia glutinosa roots: 50mg
• Angelica sinensis: 50mg
• Radix paeoniae albae: 50mg
• Ginseng: 100mg
• Aloe vera: 20mg
• Glucose, aerosil, talc, magnesi stearat necessary for one tablet


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