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LADOPHAR Artichoke Ginseng Extract

Artichoke Ginseng Extract is a combination of two precious herbs, Artichoke and Ginseng extracted by modern vacuum evaporized technology, preserving the active ingredients. Artichoke with excellent use in recovering, enhancing liver functions and detoxification, together with Ginseng, considered as a miracle herb that helps to nurture your health and prevent diseases, will bring you and your loved one golden health.


Artichoke extract……. ….90%
Ginseng extract……10%




You can purchase the product using one of the three methods:

1. Placing orders on: https://ladopharma.vn/

2. Purchasing at Ladophar's distribution points (full list at https://ladopharma.vn/pages/he-thong-cua-hang)

3. Calling the HOTLINE: 19001597 for consultation on purchasing

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