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LADOACTISO Premium Artichoke Leaves Tea

Premium Artichoke Leaves Tea 

This excellent Artichoke leaves tea represents brilliantly the Essence of Medicinal Herbs from Dalat, it has been elaborately produced from the great part of the Artichoke leaves, right after the felling, only the qualified leaf blades   are manually selected by experts by then processed by Ladophar’s exclusive tea processing technology to deliver the perfect tea rolls carrying the original taste & flavor of natural Artichoke and the full health benefits from it.

A cup of Premium Artichoke Leaves Tea delivers pure natural aroma and sweet taste plus mild bitterness of Artichoke to offer great relaxation as well as support liver functions and naturally improve digestion process.


-People with liver failure, cirrhosis of the liver, elevated liver enzymes and hepatitis

-People with indigestion, anorexia, jaundice, fatigue due to poor liver functions

-People those are excessive alcohol use, exposure or use of chemicals harmful to the liver


-Use 5-10g/each time x 2-3 times/day

-Put about 5g of tea in the pot with 250ml off boiling water, wait for 2-3 minutes

-It may be used multiple times by adding boiling water (amount of water upon preference of light or heavy taste).

-It’s recommended to use this product daily instead of water


In dry place, temperature below 30oC, avoid direct light

This is food, not medication used to treat diseases

People those are hypersensitive with any ingredients of this product are not advised to use


100% Artichoke leaves


Liver detoxification, bile secretagogue, enhance liver functions and improve digestion




Full list of Ladophar's distribution points can be found at: https://ladopharma.vn/pages/he-thong-cua-hang

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