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reduced female hormones: Is it dangerous?


Female hormones begin to shift at the age of 30. At 40, this change will become more marked, greatly affected by family and work pressure.

Sinh lý nữ: Suy giảm liệu có nguy hiểm

Is reduce female hormones dangerous?

  • Change in the autonomic nervous system: increased body temperature, sweats, especially at night, fatigue, forgetfulness, irritation, even depression
  • Early symptoms of perimenopause such as hot flashes, nervousness, sleep disorders, vaginal dryness

Suy giảm sinh lý liệu có nguy hiểm?

  • Urinal urgency, urinal difficulty. Dry and brittle hair. Dry and rough skin, due to the loss of fat layer underneath.

Rụng tóc

  • Shrinkage of vagina and vulva tissues. Breast tenderness, hoarse voice, thicker hair on legs and hands
  • Lower sex drive, unbalanced nervous system
  • Autonomic Nervous Dysfunction (fast heart beat, quick and shallow breath)

Xuất hiện triệu chứng cường giao cảm

  • Occasional headache due to contractions of blood vessels in the brain, dizziness, weight gain
  • Degenerative nervous system and senile dementia