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  • vg5


    With major ingredients from bahupatra and artemisia, VG-5 is used for supporting treatment of Hepatitis and enhancing liver function.

  • terkumin-line


    With major ingredients as artichoke, knotgrass and bahupatra, Terkumin is used for prevention and treatment of liver diseases and enhancement of…

  • tadimax


    With the major ingredient as Medicine of the King’s Palace , Tadimax used for treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

  • cholestin


    With major ingredients as tumeric, Achyranthes bidendata and rutin, Cholestin is used for prevention and treatment of high cholesterol, atherosclerosis and…

  • baithach_lo-va-vi

    Bai Thach

    With major ingredients as tick clover, tumeric and artemisia, Bai Thach is used for treatment and prevention of kidney stones, gallstones…

  • svn-cao-ca-gai-leo-1

    Solanum Jelly

    Solanum Jelly is extracted from Solanum hainanense Hance Solanaceae, which is cultivated and collected following GACP-WHO standard

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