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    Everyday, our bodies come into contact with a lot of dust and chemicals. So, if your body shows these signs, then you are in an immediate need for a good…

  • Atisô có mức độ chống oxy hoá cao.

    amazing MEDICINAL PLANTS for liver

    As fatty liver disease, declined liver functions, elevated liver enzymes have become increasingly common, many people, especially those with high alcoholic consumption, are looking for herbs which can support this…

  • Calling for Agency for Communication Campaign

    OVERVIEW Project “Scaling up of Ethical BioTrade initiatives within phyto-pharmaceutical sector in Vietnam” funded by EU (BioTrade EU project) is implemented by Helvetas Vietnam in the period of 2016-2020. The…

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    top 3 products to support viral hepatitis treatment

    Vietnam is among the top 10 Asia-Pacific countries with the highest rate of hepatitis B and C infection. Every year there are 50,000 cases of death because hepatitis virus progresses…

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    common complications of viral hepatitis

    Viral hepatitis B is a disease caused by virus, infecting approximately 15% of Vietnam population. Viral hepatitis B can progress to liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. “Inactive” virus causes liver…

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